Octoprint Windows – File Watcher

In frustration in slicing my 3D models in Cura or Simplify3d for then to upload them through Octoprint’s web interface, I created a little Windows Application around Octoprint’s API

The application is a tray icon application where you enter your Octoprint hostname, api key and which folders to monitor. After you drop the gcode file in the watched folder, I will automatically upload it to Octoprint.

Use it if you like – Or don’t

Octoprint - Taskbar

Octoprint Settings

(The API key can be found under “Settings – API” in Octoprint)

It can be downloaded here: Octoprint Windows

Installation: Unzip under “c:\Program Files (x86)\Octoprint Windows” and add Octoprint Windows.exe to your startup folder in Windows – Or manually run it, when you need it

Upgrading: Close down Octoprint Windows application – Delete all content of “c:\Program Files (x86)\Octoprint Windows” and unzip the downloaded folder.


 11-05-2016 Feature:  “New Update” info to main gui
Bugfix: Changes to OnChanged Event
 11-06-2016  Feature: Added Subdirectory watcher

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